Mike Burdett, Director of Edmonds Sports Academy:

The results were off the charts! All four girls achieved their goals, with one playing in the state championship game. Bea has an amazing talent working with young lady athletes and is able to assist them in fighting through those difficulties to find success on the court, in the classroom and in their social lives!”

Rowan (TABLA Camper):

“I had an awesome time at TABLA. The most valuable thing I learned was what type of leader I am and how to transfer that onto the court. I also learned ways to help promote women’s basketball and help to start making men’s and women’s basketball equal. TABLA also helped me a lot with my confidence on the court, which I really needed! Thank you, Bea, for creating this awesome camp!”

Ryan Lentz (TABLA Parent):

“The TABLA basketball camp was such an amazing experience for my daughter.   The camp counselors and the leadership staff were absolutely first class.  Not only did her skills improve but her confidence and her life skills as a young woman took a huge leap forward.   I can’t say thank you enough to the entire staff at TABLA camps. We will definitely be returning Campers!”

Kelly Clark (TABLA Parent):

“We were looking for a camp that not only addressed skills on the court but also being a better leader. TABLA not only delivered on both accounts but exceeded our expectations. My daughter came home exhausted every night (which parents know is a sign of a great camp!) She was also eager to get back the next morning (an even better sign of an AWESOME camp!) Thank you to all the counselors who re-lit a fire in my daughter – your dedication and hard work is truly appreciated!”

 Michele Burdett (Parent):

“Bea has a wealth of experience and information to share with young athletes. She was able to help my daughter break through some mental roadblocks that we as parents were not able to help her with.”

Lori Monlux (Parent):

“Bea is AWESOME! She has a talent for counseling players, establishing goals and ways to reach those goals, and she inspires them to believe in themselves — which is a huge part of being a successful athlete”

Nikki (TABLA Camper):

“This year I attended TABLA, I am 13 years old and I am a point guard. I learned many things from joining this camp, multiple things about not only playing basketball but leadership skills. To be a leader you don’t boss people around you learn people’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to explain things to people regarding them. I learned that communication with your team is what makes you a part of the team, the most important way to help others is by communicating with them. I recommend any basketball player to go to this camp even if they don’t think they don’t need to, anyone can learn something from TABLA!”

Jeff Thom (TABLA Parent):

I wanted to take a moment to just let you know how happy Jennifer & I were with the TABLA camp.  I can summarize it very simply — “The girls came home after each day of camp and actually talked to me about the different things they did and discussed!”  That right there is a win!!!  I’m sure you know that to get teenagers to talk to their parents in detail is a rarity and the fact that both daughters had different points to talk about means they enjoyed and learned something.

I thought it was great that during camp you challenged them with discussions on leadership and encouraging their teammates.  The fact that you had a great coach to camper ratio gave all the girls time to connect with one of the coaches.  The coaches brought with them great experiences of playing basketball at a higher level and were able to share that with the girls was inspirational.  It was also really cool to have the camp integrate with the Storm.  The girls thought it was awesome to have the opportunity to practice on the Key Arena floor and stay to watch a Storm game.

It was a great week for Whitney and Willow and they have even asked if they can go next year!!!  I’m a sucker for that glimmering light in my girls’ eyes —- so YES!!

Karmelah (TABLA Camper):

“This year at TABLA I learned many things. I really enjoyed the camp and the way things were set up. I liked how we played games that were based on the focus for the day. But not only did we play games and have fun, we also got serious and focused on our basketball skills and went to the classroom and worked on what it means to be a leader as well. Other than the camp itself, I really enjoyed all of the coaches and how they interacted with the campers. I think this camp helped me become a better leader overall. Some leadership skills I learned from the camp were to get your point across but also to make sure others contribute to the conversation. I think after the camp, I really focused on this the most because I thought it was the most important. Also, I learned that communication is a really big part of not only basketball but through our every day lives. Ever since the camp, I’ve been really working on my communication skills with my team and other people. Even though the camp was mainly focused on leadership skills, I learned a lot on the basketball court, going to the key arena and playing on that court opened up my eyes a lot more. It made me think about how much I want to play on that court in the WNBA. Also going to the Storm game was an incredible experience. In the end, I really enjoyed the camp and I feel it’s a great learning place for other young female athletes.”



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