WNBA Fourth-Quarter Heroics: Elena Delle Donne

During the Kings-Lakers, Bibby-Kobe rivalries of the early 2000s, the LA Times once wrote, "Taking the last shot, history proves, is not for everybody." Two nights ago, Elena Delle Done made, well, quite a few. Elena Delle Donne had only scored two points in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Shoni and Angel were having a field… Continue reading WNBA Fourth-Quarter Heroics: Elena Delle Donne


Storm Outing with the Mentees!

The girls and I sat four rows back at center court. We could almost touch them. A year ago, when my girls played for me, we named a play after Skylar Diggins; it was when she was ripping through the NCAA tournament with her Notre Dame Fighting Irish. And now, we were watching her face… Continue reading Storm Outing with the Mentees!


The Plateauing of Title IX…

It seems like this article has been written before, and more than once: New York Time's "Women’s Soccer League Tries to Connect and Survive" reports that yet another professional women's sports league is struggling not just to prosper, but to simply hold on. I think I've read that article before, as a kid, about the ABL, the… Continue reading The Plateauing of Title IX…