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Spring & Summer News, 2015

Save the Date: "Shake Off Your Rust" Boot Camp, SeptĀ 1-3, 6-9pm, at Academy Sports Center! Join the best and brightest of high school girls' basketball at a new state-of-the-art gym in Lynnwood! Enjoy your August break, and then get yourself ready for the fall season (and yet another year of basketball) the awesome way! Come… Continue reading Spring & Summer News, 2015

Mentees News

Mentorship Program: December Highlights and Gallery

...And when people say basketball madness begins in March, we beg to differ... Psychologist and former UPS point guard Laura Hirsch delivered a wonderful "Mindfulness Session" at UW's Center for Leadership in Athletics. The girls watched a footage of "Bad Boy" Isaiah Thomas's historical 25-point third quarter in the NBA Finals against the Lakers, hobbling… Continue reading Mentorship Program: December Highlights and Gallery