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Mentorship Program: January Recap!

Just as Seahawks' Chris Matthews signed off of the practice team and soared onto the NFL limelight by recovering THE onside kick and catching those incredible long throws by Russ, the girls were deep in one of the most intense basketball month (plus exams) of the winter! Earlier this month, we cancelled a training to go watch UW… Continue reading Mentorship Program: January Recap!

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Mentorship Program: December Highlights and Gallery

...And when people say basketball madness begins in March, we beg to differ... Psychologist and former UPS point guard Laura Hirsch delivered a wonderful "Mindfulness Session" at UW's Center for Leadership in Athletics. The girls watched a footage of "Bad Boy" Isaiah Thomas's historical 25-point third quarter in the NBA Finals against the Lakers, hobbling… Continue reading Mentorship Program: December Highlights and Gallery