Schedule & Program

TABLA Leadership Framework
Day 1: Finding Your Voice
Day 2: Inspiring Others
Day 3: Working as One
Day 4: Living Awesome (Community Day)

Morning Sessions (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM):
Leadership Activities and Discussions
Skill Stations with College Student-Athletes
TABLA Tournament of Champions: Team & Playoffs Competitions
College Student-Athlete Panel
Title IX Discussion: “Exploration of the Female Athlete Identity”

Afternoon Zoom Sessions (2:00 PM – 3:00 PM):
“Failing Forward” – Mental Skills Workshops with Kadee Gray (3 sessions)
“An Athlete’s Fuel for Better Performance” – Nutrition Workshop with Makana Stone
Bonus Parent Session: “From Coaches to Parents – Working Together for Your Athlete”

*We are still in conversation with the Seattle Storm to offer tickets and/or special experiences for the campers. We will update this page when information becomes available.*

“Failing Forward” – Mental Skills Workshops with Kadee Gray

What Unstoppable Athletes Do Differently + 3 Key Strategies to Start Now

In these after Zoom sessions, mental skills coach Kadee Gray is going to show your athletes how to make the shift from:

  • doubting herself
  • fearing failure
  • overthinking her mistakes

to becoming unstoppable by: 

  • taking chances on the court 
  • executing with focus 
  • bouncing back after mistakes 

In this series, your athletes will build awareness of their comfort zone, uncover the mental roadblocks keeping them stuck (i.e. believing she’s not confident or that everyone will judge her), gain an understanding of fear and nerves in the body, and reframe what it means to take a risk and fail. 

After these sessions, your athletes will leave with tangible skills and 3 key strategies they can use to be confident, bold, and consistent on game day. 

“AN ATHLETE’S FUEL FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE” – Nutrition Workshop with Makana Stone

Athletes are told to eat a well balanced diet, carb load before game days, or drink chocolate milk post game – but what does this mean and what does a well balanced and planned diet look like for an athlete? Is your athlete carb loading correctly for optimal game day performance? Is your athlete consuming the right nutrients post game to aid recovery? 

Athlete’s nutritional requirements vary with the energy demands of practices, pre-competition, competition, and recovery periods. “An Athlete’s Fuel for Better Performance” will provide your athletes with nutrition strategies that will optimize on court motor skills,  performance, and recovery in order to continue to perform at their best. 

In this session your athlete will prepare their own game day meal plan, leave knowing what and when to eat snacks and meals pre- and post-competition, and will appreciate and understand the influence their nutrition has on being the best athlete (and healthiest person) they can be. 

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