At B.E.A., we see each of our high school athletes not only as a product of the recent women’s sports movement for access and equality, but as an important participant and pioneer in the future of our sport. We strive to use the game mold girls into strong, confident leaders and citizens of the world–and we encourage them to join and write that next chapter in the broader story of success of female athletes in the United States.

Their stories aren’t finished yet… Neither are ours.

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Share Your Story With Us:

This is a new project to collect and share stories of girl/women basketball players from all around the world, for we–like Title IX and Sheryl Swoopes and Becky Hammon and everyone else in between, before, and after–are, in the end, all part of the same narrative. 

Please submit your stories below in words, videos, pictures, or art forms.

(Stories to be told on B.E.A. starting in 2015.)


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