Testimonials & Achievements

Mike Burdett, Director, Edmonds Sports Academy:

The results were off the charts! All four girls achieved their goals, with one playing in the state championship game. Bea has an amazing talent working with young lady athletes and is able to assist them in fighting through those difficulties to find success on the court, in the classroom and in their social lives!”

 Michele Burdett, Mother:

“Bea has a wealth of experience and information to share with young athletes. She was able to help my daughter break through some mental roadblocks that we as parents were not able to help her with.”

Lori Monlux, Mother:

“Bea is AWESOME! She has a talent for counseling players, establishing goals and ways to reach those goals, and she inspires them to believe in themselves — which is a huge part of being a successful athlete”

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2 thoughts on “Testimonials & Achievements”

  1. I had an awesome time at TABLA. The most valuable thing I learned was what type of leader I am and how to transfer that on to the court. I also learned ways to help promote women’s basketball and help to start making men’s and women’s basketball equal. TABLA also helped me a lot with my confidence on the court, which I really needed! Thank you, Bea, for creating this awesome camp!

  2. We were looking for a camp that not only addressed skills on the court but also being a better leader. TABLA not only delivered on both accounts but exceeded our expectations. My daughter came home exhausted every night (which parents know is a sign of a great camp!) She was also eager to get back the next morning (an even better sign of an AWESOME camp!) Thank you to all the counselors who re-lit a fire in my daughter – your dedication and hard work is truly appreciated!

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