November 2015 update: We are taking nominations for mentees for the 3rd year of our Mentorship Program (mid-November to February). Contact us for more information.

“Amy really understands the game and understood where I was as a player. She helped me identify what I need to work on and how to do that.” – Lily Gustafson, Shorewood High School

“Signing up for the BEA Mentorship Program helped me get out of the stage in my career when I didn’t think I could be the basketball player I always wanted to be. Today, I am only becoming better and getting closer to my goal everyday because of BEA.” – Missy Peterson, Edmonds-Woodway High School


In addition to a one-on-one focus on the player’s basketball skills and intellect, B.E.A. recognizes the importance of the mental game and emotional support. The B.E.A. Mentorship Program seeks to mold high school girls into whole, mature student-athletes—and, ultimately, into empowered women.

  • Low mentor-to-mentee ratio places the emphasis on the holistic development of the athlete;
  • unique opportunity to learn from women who have recently been there and done it, as well as access to our entire mentoring team;
  • Through the vehicle of sports, we teach life skills that remain ingrained throughout their lives;
  • We see each of our high school athletes not only as a product of the women’s sports movement, but as an important participant and pioneer in our future. We therefore encourage social engagement in our athletes, and we strive to connect them to the larger network of women’s basketball players in the Puget Sound area and in the US.

Mission Statement:

To maximize athletic performance through the fostering of emotional support and mental toughness, as well as a unique one-on-one focus on the development of basketball skills and intellect.

2015-2016 Program Highlights:

  • Player Basketball Workbook
  • Pre-Season Boot Camp
  • Goal-setting Mind-Map (~85% of our goals have been reached!)
  • One-on-One Film Analysis
  • “Leadership/Resilience Retreat” with UW Center for Leadership in Athletics
  • “Winner’s Circle”: Guided Visualization
  • Field trip to college game
  • Access to entire mentoring team and their resources

We Offer:

  1. Mentorship – We offer emotional support, advice and college guidance from accomplished women basketball players any time.
  2. Individual Game Analysis – We watch our players’ games, take in-depth game statistics, and offer feedback from college-trained athletes.
  3. Individual-based Training – We plan our trainings with emphasis on the player’s specific needs.
  4. Player Development Curriculum – All players receive a player workbook for journaling and self-reflection. Each mentor will work with players one-on-one on on goal-setting, film analysis, leadership development, etc.
  5. Parent Check-In’s – We keep the communication open with the parents to provide the best possible guidance to our players.

Senior Player Discounts: We encourage our seniors to stay with the community, serve as role models for our younger players, and use our services for their own development and future. Senior basketball players who have been in the program for two or more years are invited to come to trainings and events at a very discounted one-time cost.


Future Vision: 

B.E.A. believes in building strong characters, moral values, and leadership skills, and in the development of a whole, worldly woman through community outreach and social engagement. In the near future, B.E.A. seeks to provide resume-building opportunities for athletes to:

  • Youth Leadership Certification Program
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Board
  • Serve in low-income neighborhoods in the Puget Sound area.
  • Serve in overseas summer trips as in less developed countries.

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