Awesome Sports Project

On October 27, 2015, Basketball Education in Action launched the Awesome Sports Project, an online journal committed to inspiring girls’ and women’s voices in sports. We are a month away from launching its third year, and we are excited for our ambitious outreach plans to reach an even wider audience. Join us in affecting change in our global community as we kick off October with a fundraising campaign.

Share in our mission of inspiring girls’ and women’s voices in sports and our vision of a world in which women and men’s athletics are treated equal.

Your generous contribution makes it possible for us to award our contest winners, to support the internship program for high school girls, and to afford our yearly website maintenance. Your donations help us create a world in which it’s easier and safer for the next generation of girls to assert themselves, and to speak and work their dreams into existence.

Donate Now

We welcome any amount you can contribute. The list below offers you a more specific idea of what each gift can do:

$550 – Provides financial awards for our writing contest
$350 – Supports global outreach campaigns and expands our impact
$150 – Maintains our website throughout the year
$25 – Supports a high school intern for four months
$10 – Pays for a small gift and card for our volunteers!

Thank you! Follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Bea Chang, Founder