How many players should I have on our roster?

We recommend 4-5 players on your team, but, clearly, you need at least three!

Do we win anything if we win?

Of course! Our prize bags are one of the best parts – a lot of swag from our sponsors!

What do we wear?

Your team can come up with your own uniform – as long as you are all wearing the same color. Be creative!

What time do I have show up at Redmond High School?

We start checking in at 12:30 PM – you can get your shoes on and warm up – and we will get it all started by 1:00 PM!

Can I register as an individual? 

You can register as an individual (please note it on the registration form). We will do our best to place you on a team; unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it!

When do we get our game schedule?

Captains will receive their game schedules via email on a day, but expect to play the entire time you are at the event. Teams typically get one bye, if any, depending on the number of games.

What are your 3-on-3 rules?

Why, that’s a great question. Here it is: Awesome Jam Rules.

Why aren’t there referees?

Basketball Education in Action firmly believes in players respecting the spirit of the game. We ask that our athletes always honor the values of fair play, sportsmanship, and integrity.

Will I be able to change my roster before the tournament starts?

Yes. Please send updates to your roster to Bea Chang at changb.10@gmail.com.

Do all team members have to be from the same school?

No. While some high school coaches may encourage you to play with your teammates, you can play with anyone you want!

Can I play on more than one team?

Nope! You won’t have time.

Is there only one high school division? 

Yes. However, in the case that we have enough teams registered, we will break it into a JV and V division.

Is there an admissions cost for fans?

Nope! The more the merrier. Bring your own cheering squad!

Why are you hosting this event?

Our goal is to foster competition and community among girls and women basketball players in the Puget Sound. Basketball Education in Action firmly believes in role modeling and mentorship. This is a great opportunity to use the game we love to meet accomplished athletes and women. This event will have booths and sponsors by women entrepreneurs and leaders (and former basketball players) and organizations, not only to promote their work, but for the girls to see the opportunities open to them through skills developed from our chosen sport.

Where does the money go?

It is the Awesome 3-on-3 Jam’s mission that funds raised at our event will go right back to our girls’ and women’s basketball community in the Puget Sound. Each year, we support a local cause for a person or organization in our community. In 2016, we raised over $1000 for Erika Hornyak Cliett and her family, as well as Roosevelt and North Kitsap High School Girls’ Basketball Booster Club. In 2017, we raised funds for need-based scholarships for girls to attend the Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy (TABLA).

In 2018 and this year, we will support Pick n’ Role Models, a community projects created by our TABLA camper, Rowan Schaberg, a sophomore at Holy Names Academy. In her own words: “Pick ‘n Role Models gives women’s basketball game tickets to girls basketball teams that might not be able to otherwise afford bringing their whole team to a game. Watching women’s basketball can be really motivating to  young basketball players because they find inspiring role models to look up to and learn from. If more girls are exposed to women’s basketball, respect and love for the women’s game will grow so much.”

What if I don’t have the money to play?

BEA believes that no one should have to miss out on a sporting opportunity due to financial obstacles. Please contact Bea at changb.10@gmail.com for scholarships, raised with many thanks to our generous community!

I’d like to host a booth or be a sponsor too! Is it too late?

Not even a little bit. Email Bea at changb.10@gmail.com.

Great! How do I register?

Right here: Registration.

More questions? Email Sara at wilcox.sara@gmail.com or Bea at changb.10@gmail.com.