TABLA, TABLA Daily Recap

TABLA 2018: Day 3


TABLA camp day 3 began with an inspirational talk on “Working as One,” the theme for the day. The mornings basketball drills stressed teamwork, ball handling and fast break communication. The campers also worked on pass-and-cut offense, pick and rolls, as well as other relocation techniques. To finish up the morning session the girls competed in a 2 on 2 competition, queen-of-the-court style and our winners were Alexis and Hayley!

To begin the afternoon segment, the campers had a social justice workshop that covered their individual plans for a social justice project of their own design. Following this, coach Kerstin delivered a leadership workshop that highlighted the importance of “working as one”. Coach Kerstin said “moving without the ball is just as important, if not more important, than moving with the ball”. Playing and practicing as a team unit is essential in establishing a positive team culture! The day finished off with some specialty ball handling and mid-range shooting as well as the play-offs of our TABLA 3 on 3 tournament! The gym was full of cheering and competitive spirits as the Kansas City Tornados fought off the Swaziland Anacondas in a dramatic championship game! Campers Joy McMilan, Megan Mattison, and Gabby Stuart battled for a hard earned championship title. These girls are improving every day and becoming stronger leaders as the week goes on! Keep it up!


Photos will be added for this day soon!