TABLA, TABLA Daily Recap

TABLA 2018: Day 2


TABLA Camp day two was another successful day of learning! The campers started out with some competitive water relay races that required them to work together and cheer each other on. The camp theme for today was “Inspiring teammates” and during the whiteboard talk, the campers discussed the equal importance of the positive energy and talk both on the court and on the bench.


The rest of the morning session was filled with different drills that required quick and direct communication between teammates. Before the campers took a pause for lunch, former WA State Champion and current player on the Dartmouth women’s basketball team, Anna Luce went over some powerful moves from the high post position that the campers were able to emulate in their high post 1-on-1 competition. Camper Joy McMilan won today’s competition and Jordan Leith won yesterday’s competition! Great work girls!


The afternoon social justice workshop covered community service and platforms that the campers have in their own communities. Inspiring teammates was reinforced in the leadership workshop and the importance of quick team huddles during a game was stressed as the campers completed the rest of the round robin 3-on-3 tournament. The Kansas City Tornados and the Swaziland Anacondas finished in the lead with a 4-1 record! We are looking forward to even more learning tomorrow and we are one day closer to the Seattle Storm game!