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As Program Director Sara Thomas said, “TABLA (Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy) is awesome because it was born through the passions of women who love the game of basketball and want to share the impact it has had on their lives with the next generation of girls.”

At TABLA, we are incredibly proud of the work we do with our campers. Our goal is to equip our girls with leadership and communication skills that are so important on and off the court, and we want to offer a meaningful experience that will not only impact their lives, but the lives of those in their community. Check out what our campers had to say about their time at TABLA and sign up soon!

“This year I attended TABLA, I am 13 years old and I am a point guard. I learned many things from joining this camp, multiple things about not only playing basketball but leadership skills. To be a leader you don’t boss people around you learn people’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to explain things to people regarding them. I learned that communication with your team is what makes you a part of the team, the most important way to help others is by communicating with them. I recommend any basketball player to go to this camp even if they don’t think they don’t need to, anyone can learn something from TABLA!” – Nikki, 8th grader.


“This year at TABLA I learned many things. I really enjoyed the camp and the way things were set up. I liked how we played games that were based on the focus for the day. But not only did we play games and have fun, we also got serious and focused on our basketball skills and went to the classroom and worked on what it means to be a leader as well. Other than the camp itself, I really enjoyed all of the coaches and how they interacted with the campers. I think this camp helped me become a better leader overall. Some leadership skills I learned from the camp were to get your point across but also to make sure others contribute to the conversation. I think after the camp, I really focused on this the most because I thought it was the most important. Also, I learned that communication is a really big part of not only basketball but through our every day lives. Ever since the camp, I’ve been really working on my communication skills with my team and other people. Even though the camp was mainly focused on leadership skills, I learned a lot on the basketball court, going to the key arena and playing on that court opened up my eyes a lot more. It made me think about how much I want to play on that court in the WNBA. Also going to the Storm game was an incredible experience. In the end, I really enjoyed the camp and I feel it’s a great learning place for other young female athletes.” – Karmelah, 11th-grader.

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“I had an awesome time at TABLA. The most valuable thing I learned was what type of leader I am and how to transfer that onto the court. I also learned ways to help promote women’s basketball and help to start making men’s and women’s basketball equal. TABLA also helped me a lot with my confidence on the court, which I really needed! Thank you, Bea, for creating this awesome camp!” – Rowan, 9th grader.


TABLA 2018 is open for registration in Seattle and LA. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you into our basketball family!