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Meet Junior Counselor: Mady Burdett

BY MADY BURDETT | Sophomore, Whitman College

My experience as a TABLA Junior Counselor will be something I’ll never want to take back from my summer. Not only did I have the privilege to guide and assist younger female basketball players to expand their IQ and leadership on and off the court, but I too was lucky enough to learn and adapt to things I thought I already knew.


The relationships you build through a program like this is rare, and to say you are a part of something that helps lead and advocate women’s rights in sports is an incredible opportunity. Challenging experiences and growing as in individual are important in life and TABLA gives you that as a Junior Counselor.


When I go back to college people will ask me how my summer was, and the first thing I’ll say is how lucky I was to assist and be involved in TABLA, and the next generation of female athletes.

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Junior Counselor applications are now open to current college student-athletes or recent graduates from any NCAA or NAIA divisions. Join us for a unique, extraordinary opportunity to empower the next generations of girls in sports!

Campers, register as a team or an individual to work with and get to know our *awesome* Junior Counselors this summer! Check out our TABLA website for more information!