Faces of Team Awesome: Kristina Schumacher

“Faces of Team Awesome” tells the stories of the *awesome* girls and women who inspired the Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy. Join us at the TABLA on July 17-21 at Shoreline Community College, and learn the secrets we have found for success on and off the court. Register soon!

High School & College:
Lake Stevens High School (2006), Everett Community College (2008), Warner Pacific College (2010).

What do you currently do?
My adult job is in Interventional Radiology at the University of Washington Medical Center. My REAL job is coaching the best kids at Inglemoor High School.

How would you describe your leadership role?
Growing up I’ve typically led by example. I wanted my actions to speak for themselves. My teammates, coaches, and supporters knew how important the game was to me through my body language and relentless effort. As I’ve gotten older, the pace has become more challenging. I’ve had to learn how to be more vocal. Work smarter, not harder. Talk about EVERYTHING. Be aware of our opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. But never lose the passion and intensity.

What her teammate says about her leadership role:
“Kristina’s leadership style is shown 100% through example and action. Her ability to lead others shows up in all aspects of her life. Whether she’s coaching, playing, with her friends and family, or at work, I know others admire and are motivated by her work ethic and consistency. You can always count on Kristina for a kind word, open ears, and an honest effort. Her humble nature, knowledge base and love for helping others is a gift to all she coaches and those who get the opportunity to play with her. She is a true role model!” – Lindsey Blaine.

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
Consistency. No matter how crazy life can be, I can rely on these ladies every week to be my rock. To will to win. To sacrifice their body and heart for one another.

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