Faces of Team Awesome: Mady Burdett

“Faces of Team Awesome” tells the stories of the *awesome* girls and women who inspired the Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy. Join us at the TABLA on July 17-21 at Shoreline Community College, and learn the secrets we have found for success on and off the court. Register soon!

High School & College:
Edmonds Woodway High School (’16); Whitman College (’20).

How would you describe your leadership style?
I would describe my leadership style as one who works hard to make sure others around are giving it their all. I love to motivate people and to make sure my teammates know that they all have an important role on the team and every training/practice matters.

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
Team Awesome means a lot to me because growing up no one really cared for women sports. But after being a part of a great program like this, it opened my eyes to how much female sports has advanced and continues to progress in every category. Also, I have gained lifetime friendships with the other members of Team Awesome, and I have learned what it means to be a female athlete on and off the court. Team Awesome gives me confidence to ball out with the guys no matter my gender.

What her teammate says about her:
“Mady is a natural born leader. It’s hard to tell if her leadership comes from her skill level, or her genuine motive to be a leader. Her talent says a ton about the love she has for the sports, which motivates the girls around her. Mady never lets things get to her, and makes sure to always see the bright side. She’s helped me develop a different type of passion for the game that won’t ever be taken away from me. She uses her voice to make sure everyone knows how important they are to the team.” – Selina Tekle

How will you change the world?
Growing up I’ve always had a nag to help people and I really wanted to be a firefighter but I later realized that I’m deathly afraid of fire (so I dropped that idea). That being said, I don’t know exactly what I will do to change the world but I do know I want to help people or the community in some way.

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