Faces of Team Awesome: Lindsey Blaine

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High School & College:
Lyle High School (2003) & Purdue University (2008)

What do you currently do?
Personal Trainer/Performance Coach, Inglemoor High School Girls Basketball JV Coach/Varsity Assistant, IHS Throws Coach.

How would you describe your leadership role?
My leadership role on Team Awesome would have to come in the form of efficiency and effort. On the offense side of the court, this shows itself in shot selection,  FG%, and setting effective, purposeful screens. Defensively, its reflective in battling for positions underneath, providing help D and rebounding. I think any minute, any athlete gets on the court should be utilized to its fullest, contributing to the ultimate goal of winning the game.

What her teammate says about her leadership role:
“Lindsey is the type of player that you are glad is on your team and not the other. She works hard the whole time. She is a great defender and rebounder and simply doesn’t miss from baseline 15-foot. When you watch her play, you would think she played ball in college because of how good she really is. But being a NCAA Division-I championship throwing javelin is pretty cool and I always brag about her. My favorite thing about Lindsey is that she is good at everything and it’s fun to have a friend that you can play any sport with and she can compete with you. She is an awesome coach, friend, and trainer.” – Allison Mass

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
There’s really no words to describe just how much Team Awesome has meant to me, on so many levels. I joined the league when I first moved to Seattle, about 8 years ago. It came into my life at the perfect time. I had just finished competing post-collegiately for Track and Field and was feeling pretty burned out. I had played sports competitively my whole life and was thinking that I had finally reached the point where I was done with everything – no more sports for me. That was a tough feeling to experience as I really loved all athletics, and didn’t want to lose that! Not to mention that my profession was based around it. I remember talking with my Mom and her encouraging words to go back to the sport I first loved, basketball.  I joined the Puget Sound Basketball League as an individual, happened to get thrown on a team with a quick little point guard named Bea and the rest is history. Not only did joining this team help restore my love of the game and sport, it has connected me with so many amazing people and some of my very best friends. It has helped me  in a professional way and has also brought so much fun, love and joy into my life. I don’t know what I would have done without it! The network of strong, successful females it has helped create is truly amazing and I’m grateful for that every day.

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