Faces of Team Awesome: Alexa Mendezona

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High School & College:
Lynnwood High School (’06), Edmonds CC (’08), Northwest University (’10)

What do you currently do?
I am currently a Communications Coordinator at Puget Sound Educational Service District. We are a regional support system for over 35 school districts in the Puget Sound area. I have also been the lead assistant coach/guard coach at Northwest University for the past four years. And most importantly, I am also a mom to a baby girl named Jayce Jaeda Mendezona (future team awesome member)!

How would you describe your leadership role?
I think over the years I have really learned how to find leadership roles in ways other than just scoring. In high school and in my early college years, I was relied heavily on for scoring and then when I transferred to Northwest University, my role changed as a leader. I think what I bring to teams now is a strong work ethic and hustle plays. I take pride in the little things on the court that are often overshadowed by how many points you can score, like sprinting back on defense, locking someone up (when my knee was better!), inbound passing with a purpose or rebounding…as a small guard I LOVE crashing the boards. Sometimes these little things can go unnoticed but I always feel good knowing I came out there and gave it my all.

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
Team Awesome has been the perfect outlet to help get my competitive juices flowing again. I took a break from basketball after I graduated college and finding Team Awesome has been one of the best things to happen to me since. We have become such a little family and all have different playing styles but similar competitive mindsets. We have so much fun on the court because we get along so well and love to win! I don’t know what I would do without these ladies!

What her teammate says about her leadership role:
“Other than being an irreplaceable friend on and off the court, Alexa brings 110% every game. I never have to doubt whether she is giving it all she’s got, and that trust is so valuable. She leads by her hustle and intensity. My favorite is the fact that she’s one of the tiniest people but she doesn’t back down when defending in the paint. I work harder because she works so hard.” – Erika Cliett

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