Faces of Team Awesome: Meet Ledia Musye

“Faces of Team Awesome” tells the stories of the *awesome* girls and women who inspired the Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy. Join us at the TABLA on July 17-21 at Shoreline Community College, and learn the secrets we have found for success on and off the court. Register soon!

High School & College:
Shorewood High School (’17) & University of Washington

How would you describe your leadership style?
I lead my teammates through motivation regardless of how they perform, because we all have good and bad games.

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
Team Awesome to me was the beginning of a family. This team was full of such amazing girls who worked hard to improve their basketball skills as well as their overall character. We laughed together, laughed at stupid things together, traveled, ate, and most importantly we won together. I’m so happy that I got to play with the girls and of course be coached by the best person ever ❤

What her teammate says about her:
“Ledia has a special confidence that makes her a welcomed leader on and off the court. She has worked very hard to become the player that she is, which then encourages others to do the same. Basketball is a team sport and Ledia always makes sure that everyone knows it; whether we were winning or losing, we were going to do it together as a team. I loved playing with Ledia because she made the game fun, pushed me to keep trying to be better, and she can be very funny.” – Maddie Petit

How will you change the world?
After college I hope to take my nursing degree and work in developing countries as well as begin a nonprofit for students in Eritrea.

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