Faces of Team Awesome: Meet Erika Cliett

“Faces of Team Awesome” tells the stories of the *awesome* girls and women who inspired the Team Awesome Basketball Leadership Academy. Join us at the TABLA on July 17-21 at Shoreline Community College, and learn the secrets we have found for success on and off the court!

High School & College:
Everett High School (’07); Northwest University (’11); NU Grad School (’13).

What do you currently do?
I am a mommy to Ellie and I am and assistant/do project management  in the Network department at United Healthcare.

What is your leadership role on Team Awesome?
I suppose I would consider myself more vocal, but I try to lead intentionally…through action, running/moving every moment I’m out there and try to keep the pace up. I also try to lead by perseverance, moving forward through difficult situations on the court and in life.

What does Team Awesome mean to you?
I’m so blessed to be part of Team Awesome. Basketball is a crucial outlet for me and with the loss of my husband last year I appreciate it more now than I ever did… I am so thankful that it’s connected me with other supportive, strong, competitive women and friendships that will last. We are the toughest team to beat because we have the bond both on and off the court, and most importantly we support and have faith in each other. I love those ladies!

What her teammate says about her leadership role:
“Every player has a unique role on a team, but Erika fills many. She has the ability to lead when the ball is in her hands, when she is on the bench, and especially in big game situations. As Erika teammate, I never want to let her down. She communicates. She’s encouraging. She provides positive criticism. She does whatever it takes for our team to win. Erika does the intangibles. Erika will always be irreplaceable” – Kristina Schumacher.

Faces of Team Awesome is published once a week through July on the BEA blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Read the complete collection HERE.