Launching The Awesome Sports Project: Oct. 27

On October 27, Basketball Education in Action, with the help of girls and women athletes across the country, will be launching a global project to inspire girls’ and women’s voices in sports. From euro-stepping through the paint to scoring a half-field goal to spiking in spandex and tai dye shirts, The Awesome Sports Project is for girl athletes who do not often hear their stories told or their dreams shared. It is for women athletes who never had a space to voice their experiences, for boys and men who keep quiet about the joy and beauty of women’s sports. Tell your stories. Be an athlete. Blaze the trail. (Be awesome).

Right before Labor Day weekend, we had our first photo shoot, held by former basketball player and current entrepreneur, Tara Brown of Tara Brown Photography, to prepare for one of our first publication series, “Who I Am: a Girl and an Athlete.” With this photo series, we aim to explore gender stereotypes, feminine expectations, and the multitude of identities and complex experiences of growing up a girl and an athlete. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos:

We welcome your involvement! We are seeking submissions from athletes of all ages, and drawing from the talents of women athletes in both written and visual arts. We are also looking for an experienced Editor, high school or college Editorial Interns, and of course many, many writers and artists! If you would like to be a part of this project or have an itch to contribute a story or two, until the site is up and running, please contact us at awesomesportsproject@gmail.com.

Support the operational costs of our mission and help us do more! Donate or buy a #ShootLikeAGirl shirt today: #DoMore! Thank you for your support!