Girl Calls Out Giant Sporting Brand

It’s about time: someone’s finally calling out giant sporting brands on the lack of girls in catalogues (I actually didn’t know people still sent out catalogues) or women’s sportswear in stores like Dick’s, Sports Authority, and I don’t even know what else because I don’t go to these stores anymore. I get asked from my high school girls all the time: where do we get basketball shorts? Where do we get sports shirts we’d actually wear, one that doesn’t hug our bodies tight or ride up our abs when we try to shoot? My answer: Who knows? The only ones I’ve ever owned are from the basketball teams I’ve played for, or from tournaments my girls have helped me win. At least two out of ten mothers I come across joke about opening up a store for girl athletes. “Why not?” They’d chuckle, half-serious, “No one’s breaking into this industry yet and the need is there.” It’s time that giant sporting brands caught on! Two out of five girls today are involved in at least one varsity sport. Can we get them something to wear?

ht_basketball_2_kab_141010_4x3_992Twelve-year-old basketball girl from Arizona, who loves Diana Taurasi and the Phoenix Mercury, wrote a letter to DICK’S Sporting Goods and complained about how there weren’t any girls in a recent basketball catalog–it went viral after her father posted it on Twitter a few weeks ago.

Wait? Girls play basketball? Time to catch up to our twelve-year-old girls, men.